Rice Cookie Improv

We are an international improv community open to improvisers of all levels. 
We have a mindset of inclusiveness and we celebrate failure. You can join us
both during the week and on the weekend in workshops hosted by our team of moderators, as well as join our socializing events afterwards. Once a month we perform a show for the public.

About Us


We are a diverse group of passionate improv theater enthusiasts gathering weekly to do improv and to socialize together outside of improv. Once you’ve attended a Rice Cookie session you might get addicted to both the inclusivity of this community and to the joy of free improv creativity that emerges in the workshops. We wish to include everyone and welcome people with or without prior improv experience. We welcome you to our workshops and shows!

How to Start


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Next Rice Cookie Show

25.05.2024 - 16:30


We use our workshops to learn the basic principles of improv theater. We want to train our creativity, spontaneity, and skills to cope with unexpected situations. It is a fun activity with the side effect of learning and self-discovery.

We always welcome beginners with zero acting or stage experience. An open and positive attitude is all you need!


We start with name games and very fun warmups. This transitions into various games, exercises, and short scenes tailored towards a specific improv skill. The focus of any particular session is different each time and chosen by the moderator. The final hour typically offers an opportunity for scenework where some participants play (if they want to) while others watch them.


We have a rotating cast of moderators who pick the exercises, support you, and ensure an open, supportive, and welcoming atmosphere. Each moderator brings his or her own style to each session.


You need to be registered and on the going list for the respective session on Meetup in order to participate.
If you have never been to a Rice Cookie session before, you may skip the waitlist.


It’s only 5€! You can pay via bank transfer or PayPal in advance, or with cash at the start of the event. For payment details see our Meetup. If you are in a difficult financial situation but want to participate, please contact us in advance.

Every last Saturday of each month we have a Rice Cookie Improv Show - free of charge and open to everyone. Come see Rice Cookie improvisers perform on stage! Show dates can be found on our Meetup.

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