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We are managing all registrations via Meetup. Please keep in mind:

  • You must be on the going list to attend. 
  • If you are going (or waitlisted), you can change your mind until midnight the previous day.
  • Setting yourself to not going on the day of the event (or not showing up) is considered a no-show. After 3 no-shows we do a 1-month suspension from future events. Note: A No-show can be cleared by attending your next three workshops following our attendance protocol. 
  • Registration for each event opens two weeks before. 

When entering the room on the day of the workshop, please make sure that the person at the door checks you in.


The participation fee is 5€. Please pay in advance via bank transfer or PayPal, or pay cash at the start of the event. The payment details can be found on the Meetup event description.


We do everything in English. Most of us are not native speakers, so don’t worry about any language barrier.


Please bring non-slip socks or a second pair of shoes. We are not allowed to use our street shoes inside, and the floor can be slippery. We highly recommend comfortable clothes which allow for movement and possibly sitting on the floor.


We ask that you do not take photos or videos during the session. The moderator may take photos that could be used on Meetup or shared in our Whatsapp group; if you prefer not to appear or any photos, you must let the moderator know by the end of the session.

Participant Guidelines

To ensure a fair chance for anyone to participate we ask everyone to register only for the sessions they are attending, and to deregister in time if their plans change.

In cases of unacceptable behavior the moderator has the right to ask a participant to leave.