Next Rice Cookie Show

29.06.2024 - 16:30

Monthly Rice Cookie Show

Every last Saturday of each month we have a Rice Cookie Improv Show - free of charge and open to everyone. Come see Rice Cookie improvisers perform on stage! 

As an audience member, we may ask you for a suggestion for the players. Other than that, relax and enjoy the show! If on the other hand you would like to play on stage, join our workshops and get involved!

Missed a show? Check them out on Youtube!


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May: The Legend of Nyakudeia

This 1-hour improvised performance will tell the legendary tale of a fantasy land called Nyakudeia. And while we don't know (yet) what this tale is about or anything else about this mysterious place, the entire story will come to life in real time before your eyes!

Everything you will see is created on the spot. There are no predetemined lines of dialog, characters, or plotlines. A show that doesn't exist yet, and will never exist again!